November 17th, 2018, LUSAKA

DevCon 2018

Shaping Africas' Tech Industry Today

Devcon is an annual platform elected by Agora Code Community and collective members of the technology community in Zambia. It is specifically crafted with Software Developers and Tech enthusiasts in mind. Its aim is first of all, to raise the quality of the craft, secondly, to raise awareness of the industry which is still in its infancy in Zambia. We believe that providing a platform for developers to level up is key to a progressive approach to building products and communities.

Devcon is free to all developers of all skill levels and all languages. It covers all Software aspects from Agile Methodologies, DevOps, APIs, design, AI and many more. Though this is a Software Developers Conference, it is not limited to developers, part of our goal extends to also improve culture in organizations, inviting product & project managers, engineers and business development experts to understand the software ecosystem.

Devcon brings exposure that will prove useful to innovation in various industrial sectors leading to direct economic value addition. Apart from the technical opportunities available, Devcon will also give developers access to networking and investment opportunities which is critical to growth.

Agora Code Community
Global Platform Zambia,
Great East Road 5777A,
Lusaka, Zambia.
P: (260) 97-871-5997



Daniel M. Phiri Github Campus Expert / Developer Evangelist - Hasura


Regina Mtonga Cofounder - Asikana Network


Kampamba Chanda CTO - Cognifly


Jacob Siwiti Founder - AcQuifier


Ebenezer A. Odoi jr CTO - Medeem

Shahidh K. Muhammed

Shahidh K. Muhammed Engineer - HasuraHQ


Alumanda Shakankale ICT Technical Support Specialist :CIDRZ Central Laboratory

Ifunga Ndanga

Ifunga Ndana Software Engineer - Broadreach


Lee Lwando CTO - MicroTech Cloud Solutions


Joseph Kafwariman Business Transformation Strategist


Yomi Eluwande Frontend Engineer - Flutterwave


Cynthia Mulenga Consulting Product Manager - Bongohive


Hamzat Fetuga Android Developer - Flutterwave


Joseph Moonga Applications Development - Zanaco


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Opening Remarks

Shaping Africas' Tech Industry Today.

Joseph Kafwariman

Ethics and Boundaries in Software Development

Alumanda Shakankale

DevOps using Git and SSH

Kampamba Chanda

People, Process, Technology In That Order

Jacob Siwiti

How Software Development is Being Used to Drive Social Change for Women

Regina Mtonga

Architecture of Scalable and Resilient Apps with GraphQL and Event-Driven Serverless

Shahidh Muhammed

Leveraging Developer Communities to Advance in Your Career.

Daniel Phiri

DevOps and DevEx

Ifunga Ndana

Rave Checkout V2: Rebuilt for Speed and Usability

Yomi Eluwande

Lunch & Networking

A focus on Somethingness - a Discrete Understanding of the Zambian Marketbase

Joseph Kachiliko

Building Microservices with Node.js

Lee Lwando

Local Government: Technology Workflows for Unplanned Settlement Upgrading

Ebenezer Odoi

Pair Programming in the Real World

Joseph Moonga

Building an Inclusive Web: Why Accessibility Matters

Joseph Tembo

Imposter Syndrome

Cynthia Mulenga

0rison - 2D Game Development Framework

Daniel Tumelo Mwaba

DevOps: Increasing the Quality of Software

Okubanjo Oluwafunsho=

Designing Scalable Payment Solutions


Giveaways and Closing

Sponsorship Opportunities

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University of Zambia Computer Laboratory.


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